I began my writing career after I met Silvia Tarneceriu in 1997 while we were in Ukraine. Her story captivated me and I plunged into writing it as she told it to me. After that,I was thrown into a whirlwind of ideas for other books and began meeting with people from all over the world and listening to their life stories and then writing biographies and short stories from those interviews. I was Amish until I was 19 years old and then after several turbulent years of searching to find something to answer the restlessness of my heart, I responded at a youth rally for counseling and POW, Jesus came into my life with rush of passion! I met Karen Anderson at Faith Mission Home, VA where we both worked and yep, we got married in 1974. Then, I began my career as a school teacher in Mennonite schools, moving from one community to another. I taught for 24 years in five different locations. In 2000, we moved to the mountains of North Carolina, where Karen and I still live in the small, friendly town of Spruce Pine. Five children, all married to equally fine spouses, and nine grandchildren make our annual Thanksgiving Day homecomings quite lively.

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  1. Harvey,
    I would like to speak with you about your books if possible. Thank you.

    Deborah D.
    Lighthouse Trails Publishing

  2. DJ Dodd says:

    Dear Harvey,

    My name is DJ Dodd, and I’m an independent producer and manager and a 2011 Emmy Winner. From October 2010 – August 2011, I worked with producer David Foster (The Getaway, The Mask of Zorro, The Thing) as a Development Executive.

    After reading your book The Happening, I definitely think there’s a possible feature film there. I know the Lifetime Movie Amish Grace was based on the book by the same title, but I think there’s an opportunity to make this a studio-type film and get the story to a much wider audience.

    I’m grew up in Oxford, PA, about 15 minutes from Nickel Mines, where the tragedy took place. On the day of the shooting, I was a freshman in college at Drexel University in Philadelphia, but I definitely remember it. As a kid, I took swimming lessons at the pool in Nickel Mines, right past the school house. Not only is this an important story, it’s important to me due to my proximity to the incident.

    If you’d like to speak more, please feel free to email me at FutureProofFilms@gmail.com or call me at (610) 322-7944.


    DJ Dodd, Producer

  3. Sandy Atwood says:

    I had written you a few weeks about about including a summary of your book, God Knows My Size in a Sunday School lesson I am writing on God’s provision for us. I write upper elementary curriculum for Randall House Publishing and think kids will love the story. What would I need to do to include it?

    Thanks, Sandy

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